Club run sessions over the coming weeks

Back together as one big group again! It was great to see both our regulars and some of our newly graduated C25K people join our first session in Ironbridge yesterday. Not only was it the first session in Ironbridge but it was also the first interval session for some time. The plan from here on… read more »

Weston Park 10K

Busy weekend for the Broseley Joggers – yesterday the C25K graduation and today the fantastic effort of some of our regular runners who completed the Weston Park 10K trail run!

C25K Graduation 2017

What a proud moment! After 10 weeks of fantastic commitment, support and efforts from each and everyone involved, we’ve suddenly reached the goal of achieving a full 5K! Below are some of the pictures from graduation day (click on the pics to make them larger). I don’t think anyone will say it’s been easy but… read more »