Xmas Fun Run 2017

Smiles all around as the children set off to complete the Christmas Eve Fun Run! We would like to extend our huge thanks to all who took part in making this into such a fun filled day! Our thanks go out to: All the children who were absolute stars and heroes as they made their… read more »

Check in before heading off to the club run with this weather

There are mixed feelings about the winter wonderland that suddenly spread itself out over our beautiful part of the world – personally I love it but others feel the complete opposite about it… For all the fun it brings it does also bring quite a lot of disruption to our normal routines and plans. It… read more »

Information for the Xmas Eve Fun Run volunteers

Thank you everyone who have offered to help out on the day of the Fun Run so far! It is much appreciated – we couldn’t do it without you! As the day is quickly approaching we hope to see some more people offer to lend a helping hand to make sure the children have a… read more »